About Me

Thanks for visiting my site! I use this site to share a variety of things I’ve learned in my professional life and in my personal projects.

  • 🏠 I live in Detroit, MI with my wife, daughter, and dog.

  • 👔 I work at Disney Streaming, within the Data Product organization, as a Sr. Product Manager. I work with Product, Analytics, and Engineering teams to build an internal data instrumentation tool that unifies user engagement measurement across the Disney+, Star+, and Hulu apps.

  • 😊 I’m passionate about user experience. I want to build products that are easy to use, and solve problems that I share.

  • 🏀 I love basketball, and most of the projects I do in my freetime revolve around that. Right now, I’m building a product that automatically breaks down college basketball game film by each possible event that happens on the court.

  • 🧳 I enjoy traveling and trying to blend in with the locals along the way. Paris is my favorite city in the world, and I’d like to retire to France one day.